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MET. Deptt. Predicts Weather for 10 days, Check here

Srinagar, Jan 17 (WD):

Jammu & Kashmir is bracing for a weather shift with a fresh advisory spanning the next 10 days. Presently, the meteorological forecast indicates a continuation of dry weather until January 24th. This dry spell offers a temporary reprieve to residents, allowing them to carry on with their daily routines without the usual disruptions associated with inclement weather.

As we approach January 25th-27th, the forecast introduces the possibility of light rain and snow at select locations across Jammu & Kashmir. This anticipated change in weather dynamics adds a layer of tranquility to the scenic landscapes, setting the stage for a shift in the region’s atmospheric conditions.

Looking further into the month, from January 28th to the 30th, there is a potential for light rain and snow at scattered places. During this period, residents are advised to stay updated on local weather reports, as conditions may vary across different regions of Jammu & Kashmir. This proactive approach ensures that communities remain prepared for any variations in the upcoming weather patterns.

In a positive turn of events, the Jammu Division expects improved visibility over the next two days. This positive shift is complemented by an anticipated rise in maximum temperatures, providing a more comfortable environment for residents. The Meteorological Center emphasizes the importance of staying informed about changing weather patterns. While the dry spell brings stability, the subsequent forecasted precipitation warrants cautiousness and preparedness.

In conclusion, the upcoming days in Jammu & Kashmir promise a mix of weather conditions, from dry spells to potential rain and snow. Staying abreast of the latest weather updates is crucial for making informed decisions and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, especially during periods of rain or snowfall, when road conditions may be affected, and visibility could be reduced. (WD)

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