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Tragedy at Thajwas Glacier: Body of Missing Sledgeman Recovered from Nallah Sindh

In a tragic incident, the body of a missing sledgeman was recovered from Nallah Sindh on Monday, according to officials. The sledgeman had gone missing the previous day following the collapse of a portion of the Thajwas glacier in the Sonamarg area of Ganderbal district.

The incident occurred when the glacier segment fell, creating a hazardous situation that endangered those in the vicinity. Two tourists, who were also present during the glacier collapse, were rescued immediately, narrowly escaping the disaster. The sledgeman, however, was not as fortunate and was swept away by the force of the incident.

Authorities quickly launched a rescue operation to locate the missing sledgeman. The operation was led by a dedicated team who worked tirelessly in the challenging conditions of the glacier-fed Nallah Sindh. The swift response aimed to increase the chances of finding the sledgeman alive, but the harsh environment presented significant obstacles.

After extensive efforts, the rescue team managed to recover the body of the sledgeman from the turbulent waters of Nallah Sindh. The individual was identified as Manzoor Ahmad Khan, the son of Mohammad Yousuf, hailing from Haknar Gund. The discovery brought a somber conclusion to the intense search efforts.

The incident has underscored the perilous nature of working in glacier regions. Sledgemen, who often assist tourists in these areas, face constant risks due to the unpredictable and often treacherous conditions. This tragic event highlights the need for enhanced safety measures to protect those who work and visit these glacier regions.

Local authorities have expressed their condolences to the family of Manzoor Ahmad Khan. The community in Haknar Gund and the broader region has been deeply affected by the loss, as sledgemen play a crucial role in supporting the tourism industry in Sonamarg. The incident has sparked discussions about the safety protocols and the necessary support for those involved in such high-risk occupations.

The tourists who were rescued have been reported to be in stable condition. They have expressed their gratitude to the rescue teams for their prompt and effective action. The incident, while tragic, has also showcased the resilience and dedication of the local rescue operations.

As investigations continue, there will likely be a thorough review of safety practices in the region. Ensuring the well-being of both workers and tourists is paramount to preventing similar tragedies in the future. The community mourns the loss of Manzoor Ahmad Khan, reflecting on the dangers faced by those who navigate the formidable landscape of the Thajwas glacier.

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