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SIA Conducts Raid in Srinagar’s in Killing of four policemen in North kashmir

Srinagar, June 8, 2024: The State Investigation Agency (SIA) Kashmir conducted a significant raid on a residential house in Srinagar’s Nawa-Bazar area. This operation was part of the ongoing investigation into the tragic killing of four policemen in Hygam Sopore in 2013. The raid reflects the SIA’s commitment to resolving the long-standing case and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

A senior official informed Kashmir Dot Com (KDC) that the raid took place at the residence of Ahmudullah Malla, son of Abdul Ahad, located in Dalal Mohalla, Nawa-Bazar, Srinagar. The search operation was carried out in connection with FIR no 42 of 2013, originally registered at the Tarzoo Sopore police station. The case, which has since been transferred to the SIA Kashmir, continues to be a focal point of investigative efforts.

The raid was conducted under the authority of search warrants issued by the Special Court. These legal provisions underscore the thorough and systematic approach taken by the SIA in their investigation. The transfer of the case from Sopore Police to the SIA highlights the serious nature of the investigation and the need for specialized handling.

The tragic incident that spurred this investigation occurred in April 2013. Four policemen were killed in a terrorist attack in the Hygam area, located on the outskirts of Sopore town. The police party from Churu, Sopore, was ambushed while traveling in a Rakshak vehicle near Peer Mohalla at approximately 5:25 PM. The sudden and deadly strike by terrorists left the region in shock and mourning.

The slain officers were identified as Constables Abd-ur-Rahim from Tulla Mulla, Gandarbal, and Muddassir Ahmad from Noor Bagh, Srinagar. Additionally, Special Police Officers (SPOs) Gulshan Ahmad from Kanispora, Baramulla, and Muddassir Ahmad Parray from Kreeri, Baramulla, also lost their lives in the attack. Their deaths were a significant loss to their families and the police community.

The ongoing investigation aims to uncover the full extent of the conspiracy and identify all individuals involved in the heinous act. The raid on Ahmudullah Malla’s residence is one of many steps taken to gather critical evidence and intelligence. The SIA’s efforts are crucial in piecing together the events leading up to and following the attack.

Public response to the investigation has been mixed, with some expressing hope for justice and others calling for more immediate results. The SIA has assured that all actions are being taken in accordance with the law and with due diligence. The agency remains focused on delivering justice for the fallen officers and their families.

As the investigation continues, the SIA’s actions are being closely monitored by both local and national authorities. The agency’s dedication to resolving this case exemplifies its broader mission of maintaining security and rule of law in the region. Further updates on the investigation are expected as more information becomes available.

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