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KPDCL Penalises 2100 Consumers for Low Consumption and Unauthorised Power Use

Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) announced on Friday that it has served 94 notices in May to consumers in Rajbagh, Srinagar, who were found involved in power pilferage. This move is part of the corporation’s ongoing efforts to curb unauthorized use of electricity.

The KPDCL has also issued a stern advisory to consumers, urging them to refrain from any form of power pilferage. The corporation has emphasized that heavy penalties are being imposed on those found guilty of such practices.

According to the Kashmir Wattan Daily (WD), KPDCL stated on its microblogging platform, “Consumers are advised to refrain from power pilferages. Heavy penalties are being imposed.” This warning is aimed at deterring individuals from engaging in illegal activities related to electricity consumption.

In May alone, KPDCL served 94 notices to consumers indulging in electricity theft. The corporation has successfully recovered Rs 6.05 lakh in penalties from these offenders. This significant amount highlights the seriousness with which KPDCL is tackling the issue of power pilferage.

Moreover, KPDCL revealed that it penalized 2,100 consumers for recording low electricity consumption and using power unauthorizedly. This extensive action underscores the corporation’s commitment to ensuring fair and legal usage of electricity among all consumers.

The enforcement actions have not been without incident. Some penalized individuals reportedly barged into the offices of Sub-Divisional Officers (SDOs) and created a ruckus. KPDCL has indicated that such behavior will be reported to the police, showing that the corporation is prepared to take legal action against disruptive elements.

KPDCL’s proactive measures serve as a clear message to all consumers about the importance of adhering to legal electricity usage. The corporation’s efforts aim to ensure a fair distribution of power and prevent revenue losses due to unauthorized consumption.

By continuing to monitor and penalize unauthorized electricity usage, KPDCL hopes to foster a culture of compliance and responsibility among its consumers. This initiative is crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the power distribution system in the region.

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