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Shoot at Sight Order Issued for ‘Man-Eater’ Leopard in Kashmir

In Budgam, Kashmir, a series of fatal leopard attacks, claiming the lives of two minor girls and injuring a boy within 17 days, has prompted authorities to issue a shoot-at-sight order for the “man-eater” leopard. The recent attack on Toiba Mushtaq, 7, has escalated fears in the Khansahib area, where residents have been living in constant fear.

Altaf Hussain, Wildlife Warden (Central), stated that tranquilizing or trapping the leopard is the priority, but if unsuccessful, shooting will be considered. Extensive search operations have been conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Department, utilizing drones to locate the leopard.

Residents have been advised to remain indoors, especially during vulnerable hours, until the leopard is captured. Deputy Commissioner Budgam, Akshay Labroo, urged extra caution, emphasizing the importance of cooperation with authorities during this operation.

The district administration has deployed a wildlife team permanently in the affected village and conducted community awareness campaigns. Despite efforts, locals express frustration over the continued threat, with one resident lamenting the lack of decisive action from authorities.

The attacks have instilled deep fear among villagers, who now feel unsafe even within their own homes. With the leopard showing bold behavior by entering residential areas, residents are paralyzed with fear, impacting daily life and children’s education.

Concerns are raised about the limited resources of the Wildlife Department hindering their efforts to capture the leopard promptly. The situation remains tense as authorities and residents grapple with the ongoing threat posed by the man-eating leopard in Budgam.

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