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J&K DSEK Implements Stricter Regulations Against Unfair Practices in Private Schools, 1 Lakh fine

The Directorate of School Education in Jammu and Kashmir has issued stringent directives aimed at curbing unauthorized fee hikes and unfair practices by private schools for the upcoming academic session of 2024-25. These directives come as a response to concerns over escalating tuition fees and discriminatory practices that burden students and parents.

Private schools are now mandated to seek approval from the Fee Fixation Committee before implementing any fee hikes. Failure to adhere to this requirement could result in fines ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Additionally, schools are prohibited from compelling parents to purchase uniforms and books from specific vendors, fostering fair competition among suppliers.

The circular underscores that private schools are only authorized to charge tuition, annual, transport fees, and voluntary special purpose fees for activities like picnics and excursions. Any additional fees imposed beyond these categories will be considered unauthorized, subject to penalties outlined in the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Act 2022.

A senior officer involved in the development emphasized the Directorate’s commitment to transparency and accountability within the education system. The measures aim to protect students and parents from undue financial burdens and discriminatory practices prevalent in some private educational institutions.

Strict enforcement mechanisms outlined in the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Act 2022 empower authorities to take action against schools found violating regulations. The Directorate urges parents to report instances of non-compliance or unfair practices to the Chief Education Officer of the district or the Directorate of School Education.

These directives reflect the government’s resolve to ensure access to quality education without imposing exorbitant fees or favoring specific vendors. By fostering transparency and accountability, the Directorate aims to create a conducive learning environment where every student has equal opportunities for academic success.

In conclusion, the proactive measures taken by the Directorate of School Education signify a significant step towards reforming the private education sector in Jammu and Kashmir, promoting fairness, and safeguarding the interests of students and parents.

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