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RTO Kashmir Urges Vehicle Owners to Update Mobile Numbers For

Srinagar, June 08 (WD): The Regional Transport Officer (RTO) of Kashmir has issued an important directive to vehicle owners, urging them to update the mobile phone numbers associated with their vehicle registrations within a week’s time. This announcement was made public on Saturday, highlighting the need for compliance to ensure effective communication.

A public notice issued by the RTO Kashmir underscores the significance of this update in the context of upcoming developments in traffic management. The RTO’s directive aims to facilitate seamless communication with vehicle owners, an essential component as Srinagar prepares to enhance its traffic management infrastructure.

Srinagar city is set to launch an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), a sophisticated approach designed to improve traffic flow management and monitoring. This system will incorporate several advanced features aimed at optimizing traffic control and enforcement.

Key components of the ITMS will include Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD), Speed Violation Detection, and the automatic identification of various other traffic and transport offenses. These features are expected to significantly enhance the city’s ability to manage traffic violations and ensure smoother traffic operations.

The public notice emphasized the necessity for vehicle owners to ensure their mobile phone numbers, as linked to their Aadhaar, are correctly updated with their vehicle registrations. This linkage is crucial for the effective dissemination of notifications and updates related to the ITMS, thereby minimizing potential inconveniences for the public.

The RTO Kashmir’s communique stresses the importance of this update for maintaining efficient communication channels. Timely notifications regarding traffic violations, updates on traffic rules, and other critical information will be conveyed through these registered mobile numbers.

Vehicle owners are therefore advised to comply with this directive promptly. The update process is not only a regulatory requirement but also a step towards enhancing the overall traffic management experience in Srinagar.

In conclusion, the RTO Kashmir has made it clear that updating mobile phone numbers is essential for the successful implementation of the ITMS. This move is expected to contribute significantly to improved traffic regulation and convenience for the city’s residents. Vehicle owners are encouraged to act swiftly to avoid any future inconvenience.

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