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Police Officer Dies Of Cardiac Arrest In JK

Rajouri, May 17 (WD): A policeman tragically died of a cardiac arrest in Rajouri district of Jammu division on Friday. The deceased has been identified as Shabir Ahmad, a constable posted at the Police Line in Rajouri.

An official told news agency Wattan Daily that Shabir Ahmad suffered a massive heart attack while on duty. Immediate measures were taken to provide medical assistance to the ailing constable.

Despite being swiftly transported to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment, Shabir Ahmad could not be revived. The medical team confirmed his death upon arrival at the hospital.

The sudden demise of Shabir Ahmad has left his colleagues and the local police force in shock and mourning. He was remembered as a dedicated officer who faithfully served his duty.

The authorities have initiated further proceedings to formally investigate the circumstances surrounding his death. Standard protocols are being followed to document the incident and provide necessary support to the bereaved family.

In light of this unfortunate event, the police department is also reviewing health and wellness measures for its personnel to prevent such incidents in the future. This includes looking into routine health check-ups and emergency response protocols.

The family of Shabir Ahmad is being supported by the police department during this difficult time. Arrangements are being made for his funeral, and his colleagues are expected to pay their respects.

This incident highlights the physical and emotional stresses faced by police officers in their line of duty. It underscores the need for comprehensive health programs to ensure the well-being of those who serve and protect the community.

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