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No Leave Travel Concession To Employees Without Approval: JK Govt

The government of Jammu and Kashmir issued a circular directing all Administrative Secretaries and Heads of Departments to enforce strict regulations regarding Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for government employees. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 2019, employees must obtain prior approval from the sanctioning authority before availing LTC.

The circular highlighted instances where officers and officials were found disregarding the rules by proceeding on LTC without obtaining prior approval, leading to unnecessary referrals and administrative hassles. It emphasized the importance of adhering to the prescribed procedure outlined in the LTC rules, which explicitly require seeking prior approval.

Government departments were urged to establish mechanisms to ensure timely processing of LTC applications and to avoid post-facto sanctions, which are only permissible in exceptional cases. Employees were instructed to apply for LTC well in advance to prevent delays and unnecessary referrals to higher authorities.

Administrative Secretaries and Heads of Departments were directed to strictly enforce these guidelines and take appropriate action against any violations. They were instructed not to process or recommend any LTC cases for post-facto sanction going forward, signaling a zero-tolerance approach towards non-compliance.

The government’s move underscores its commitment to streamlining administrative processes and ensuring accountability among government employees. By tightening regulations surrounding LTC, it aims to promote transparency and efficiency in the utilization of government resources.

This initiative serves to strengthen governance and enhance discipline within the bureaucratic framework of Jammu and Kashmir. It reflects the government’s resolve to uphold the rule of law and maintain fiscal prudence in the management of employee benefits and entitlements.

The circular serves as a reminder to all government employees to strictly adhere to established protocols and procedures when availing of benefits such as LTC. It underscores the importance of responsible conduct and adherence to regulations to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the public administration system.

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