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Kashmir Transport Department Implements New Regulations for Taxi Operators

In a bid to elevate the tourist experience in Jammu and Kashmir, the Transport Department has rolled out a comprehensive advisory targeting Tourist Taxi Unions and Cab Drivers. The directive emphasizes professionalism and responsible conduct among taxi operators to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable journey for tourists visiting the region.

The advisory underscores the importance of refraining from obstructing or restricting vehicles with valid permits, delegating such actions to the local administration or traffic and tourist police. It covers various facets of responsible behavior, including documentation, vehicle standards, fair pricing, customer interaction, and complaint handling.

Drivers are mandated to carry essential documents such as a valid driving license, vehicle registration certificate, and insurance policy, among others. Additionally, they must display clear information such as registration number plates and permit types on their vehicles to ensure transparency and accountability.

Vehicle maintenance is emphasized, with drivers required to maintain cleanliness, conduct regular servicing, and provide neat seat covers and a first aid kit. Adherence to prescribed uniforms, queue management protocols, and fair pricing practices are also highlighted as integral aspects of professional conduct.

Refusal to carry tourists or premature alighting of paid passengers without valid reasons is strictly prohibited. In the event of mechanical breakdowns or unforeseen circumstances, drivers are obligated to arrange alternative transportation for tourists to reach their destination promptly.

Drivers are expected to conduct a thorough search for any items left by tourists in their vehicles and foster a positive and welcoming atmosphere through polite and respectful customer interaction. Smoking while on duty, overloading vehicles, and cell phone usage while driving are strictly prohibited to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

The advisory also emphasizes the provision of complaint books to tourists upon request and the periodic submission of these books to permit issuing authorities. Drivers are encouraged to maintain mobile connectivity for effective communication and avoid overloading vehicles to maintain safety standards.

In essence, the Transport Department’s advisory seeks to establish a framework of professionalism and responsibility among taxi operators in Jammu and Kashmir, ultimately enhancing the overall tourist experience in the region.

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