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No Family Member of Militant, Stone Pelters Will Get Government Job, Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently announced a new policy stating that no family member of terrorists or stone pelters in Jammu and Kashmir will be eligible for government jobs. This measure aims to dismantle the terror ecosystem in the region and is part of the Modi government’s broader strategy to reduce terrorism. Shah emphasized that this policy is intended to send a strong message and deter individuals from joining or supporting terrorist activities.

Shah highlighted that the government’s approach has significantly reduced terrorist incidents. He noted that actions taken by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) have been effective in curbing terror funding, which has been a critical factor in the decline of terrorist activities. The Home Minister reiterated that this policy is strict but necessary to maintain security and peace in the region.

The policy does allow for exceptions. Shah mentioned that if a family member comes forward to report a relative’s involvement in a terrorist organization, they could be exempt from this job ban. This provision aims to encourage families to help in counter-terrorism efforts by providing crucial information to the authorities.

Shah also addressed the issue of funerals for terrorists, noting that public funeral processions have been stopped. He explained that terrorists are now buried in isolated locations to prevent these events from becoming opportunities for public displays of support for terrorism. This measure is part of the broader strategy to eliminate any form of glorification of terrorists.

In combating terror funding, the government has taken robust actions, particularly against organizations like the Popular Front of India (PFI). The PFI was banned under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) for its alleged involvement in terrorist activities. Shah stated that the government is committed to preventing the spread of terrorist ideologies through such bans.

Amit Shah also mentioned the arrest of Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistani separatist, under the National Security Act (NSA). Singh, who leads the radical Sikh group ‘Waris Punjab De,’ was arrested and imprisoned, underscoring the government’s tough stance on separatist movements. His detention serves as a warning to others who might consider similar activities.

The Union Home Ministry’s data reflects a significant decrease in terrorist incidents and casualties over recent years. In 2018, there were 228 terrorist-initiated incidents, which dropped to around 50 in 2023. Similarly, the number of security personnel killed in action decreased from 91 in 2018 to around 15 in 2023, demonstrating the effectiveness of the government’s strategies.

Overall, Shah’s statements underscore the government’s comprehensive approach to combating terrorism, focusing on both immediate security measures and long-term strategies to dismantle the infrastructure that supports terrorist activities. This includes not only targeting terrorists directly but also addressing the broader ecosystem that sustains terrorism in the region.

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