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First-time Voters, Sons of Jailed Engineer Rashid, Cast Ballot

In a momentous event, the two sons of incarcerated leader Engineer Abdul Rashid cast their ballots for the first time at Sanzipora, Mawer in the Langate Assembly constituency. This significant step marks their entry into the democratic process and reflects their deep-rooted commitment to seeking justice. Their father, Engineer Abdul Rashid, a notable figure and candidate for the Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency, is currently detained in Tihar jail.

Abrar Rashid, the elder son, expressed his feelings after voting. He mentioned that this act of casting their votes is not just a personal milestone but a step towards ensuring justice. He emphasized that their participation in the election is driven by the hope that it will contribute to their father’s release and, consequently, allow him to advocate for other incarcerated Kashmiris.

The Rashid brothers have been actively involved in campaigning for their father despite his incarceration. Their efforts highlight their dedication to his cause and their belief in the democratic process as a means to achieve their goals. This involvement in the political landscape showcases their resilience and determination to carry forward their father’s legacy.

Engineer Abdul Rashid, popularly known as Er Rashid, has a significant influence in the Baramulla constituency. His sons’ participation in the election underscores the personal and political stakes involved in this electoral battle. Their active campaigning serves as a testament to their unwavering support for their father’s vision and their desire to see justice served.

The Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency is a highly contested seat with 22 candidates in the fray. A staggering 1.74 million people are expected to vote, making it a crucial battleground in the larger political scenario. The participation of Er Rashid’s sons adds a poignant dimension to this electoral contest.

The younger generation’s involvement in the election is a hopeful sign for the future of democracy in the region. It demonstrates that despite challenges and adversities, the spirit of democratic participation remains strong. The Rashid brothers’ story is a powerful narrative of hope, resilience, and the quest for justice.

Their belief that their votes will help secure their father’s release speaks volumes about their faith in the electoral process. It reflects a broader aspiration for change and justice that resonates with many in the region. Their actions symbolize a bridge between personal grief and public duty, showcasing how individual experiences can influence broader political movements.

As the electoral process unfolds, the story of Abrar Rashid and his brother will undoubtedly inspire many. It serves as a reminder of the power of the vote and the enduring hope for justice, even in the face of significant challenges. Their journey from personal hardship to active political participation encapsulates the essence of democratic resilience.

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