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Army Apprehends Woman From No Men’s Land on LoC in

Srinagar, May 20 (WD) – In a significant development, an unidentified woman was apprehended today from no man’s land, ahead of the fence, in Nowshera’s Lam sector, Rajouri district. The incident took place in the Pukherni village area, where the Indian Army’s 12 Mahar regiment took her into custody.

An official from the Army informed News Agency Wattan Daily that the woman, aged between 40 and 45 years, appeared to be unable to speak, suggesting she may be mute. Her apprehension in such a sensitive area has raised various security concerns, prompting a thorough investigation.

Upon further scrutiny, the woman was identified as Nasreen Fatima, the wife of Muneer Shah, a resident of Sakhi Nath Ghoi in the Kotli district. This identification has provided some clarity, although many questions remain about how and why she ended up in such a precarious location.

The woman has since been relocated to Police Post Lam for further questioning and investigation. Authorities are working to understand her movements and whether there were any security breaches that facilitated her crossing into the no man’s land.

The presence of a civilian, particularly one who is reportedly deaf and mute, in the highly sensitive and fortified area of the Line of Control (LoC) is unusual. This has necessitated a detailed inquiry to rule out any potential threats and to ensure there are no lapses in security protocols.

Local sources suggest that incidents of civilians straying across the LoC, though rare, are not unprecedented. Such situations typically involve thorough checks to ensure there is no espionage or inadvertent aiding of hostile elements across the border.

The Army, in collaboration with local police, is now focused on piecing together Nasreen Fatima’s journey to the no man’s land. The investigation aims to determine whether this was an accidental crossing or if there were other underlying motives or circumstances.

The incident underscores the ongoing challenges and complexities faced in border areas, where civilians often find themselves caught in the midst of military and geopolitical tensions. The authorities are expected to provide more details as the investigation progresses.

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