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Father-Son Duo Crushed to Death by Truck in JK

Kathua/Jammu, May 23: A tragic incident occurred on Thursday in Kathua, where a father and his son were killed in a road accident. According to officials, a truck hit them while they were on their way home, leading to their untimely deaths.

The deceased were residents of Korepunnu village. The unfortunate incident has sparked outrage among the local community. In response, villagers gathered to block the border road, staging a protest to express their grief and demand justice for the victims.

The accident took place while the father-son duo was returning to their home in Nagari village. Eyewitnesses reported that a fast-driven truck struck them, resulting in fatal injuries. The driver of the truck reportedly fled the scene after the accident.

Local residents, deeply affected by the incident, are calling for immediate and strict action against the driver. They believe that such reckless driving should not go unpunished, as it endangers the lives of innocent people.

Former sarpanch Vinay Kumar, who is leading the protest, has voiced the villagers’ demands. He emphasized the need for regulations on the timing of truck operations, suggesting that heavy vehicles should only be allowed to operate at night to reduce the risk of accidents during the day.

The protest has garnered significant attention, with many supporting the call for stricter traffic regulations. Villagers argue that the presence of fast-driven trucks during the day poses a severe threat to pedestrians and other motorists.

Authorities have been urged to take swift action in addressing the villagers’ concerns. The community hopes that their protests will lead to the implementation of measures that will prevent such tragedies in the future.

As the protest continues, the bereaved family and the entire village of Korepunnu await justice. The tragic loss of the father and son has left a deep void in the community, underscoring the urgent need for improved road safety measures.

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