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DPAP Clarifies Support for Engineer Rashid in North Kashmir

The Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) has made its stance clear regarding its support for Engineer Rashid in the North Kashmir Lok Sabha seat. In an exclusive chat with Kashmir News Service (WD), DPAP senior leader Taj Mohiuddin affirmed the party’s unwavering support for Engineer Rashid, stating that they have backed him since the beginning. Taj Mohiuddin also mentioned that despite Shoib Lone’s resignation from the party, DPAP has been actively campaigning for Engineer Rashid.

GN Azad, the party’s Patron, reiterated their support for Engineer Rashid, emphasizing that party workers view him as a more suitable candidate compared to Omar Abdullah, whom they consider an outsider. This support from the party leadership highlights a unified front in favor of Engineer Rashid’s candidacy in North Kashmir.

Shoib Lone, former MLA Sangrama and a member of DPAP, resigned from the party, potentially due to misunderstandings regarding DPAP’s support for Engineer Rashid. However, Shoib Lone personally declared his support for Engineer Rashid after the latter’s nomination was accepted by the Returning Officer. Shoib’s decision to back Engineer Rashid independently of the party’s stance adds an interesting dynamic to the political landscape in North Kashmir.

With DPAP’s clarification on its support for Engineer Rashid, the spotlight now shifts to Shoib Lone. It remains to be seen whether he will retract his decision to support Engineer Rashid or maintain his stance despite his resignation from DPAP. Shoib’s individual endorsement could influence the dynamics of the election campaign in North Kashmir.

The developments within DPAP regarding support for Engineer Rashid reflect the complex nature of political alliances and personal convictions within the party. As the election unfolds, the decisions made by individual members like Shoib Lone and the overall support from DPAP could significantly impact the outcome in North Kashmir.

Engineer Rashid’s candidacy has garnered attention and support from various quarters, indicating a shift in political dynamics in the region. His campaign, backed by DPAP and individual endorsements like Shoib Lone’s, underscores the changing landscape of electoral politics in North Kashmir.

The coming days will likely witness further developments and reactions from various political stakeholders in response to DPAP’s clarified stance and Shoib Lone’s independent support for Engineer Rashid. These developments will shape the narrative and strategies of all candidates vying for the North Kashmir Lok Sabha seat.

Overall, the political landscape in North Kashmir remains dynamic and unpredictable, with alliances shifting and individual endorsements playing a crucial role in shaping the electoral outcome. As the election progresses, the actions and decisions of key players like DPAP and Shoib Lone will continue to influence the trajectory of the campaign in the region.

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