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Cyber Cell Cracks Down on Online Financial Fraud, Recovers Rs. 1.02 Lakh

The Cyber Cell of District Police Jammu has successfully resolved four cases of online financial fraud, totaling Rs. 1,15,000. These cases involved various forms of deception, including fake credit messages, fraudulent online dealers, and fake payment confirmations. In each case, victims fell prey to scammers who exploited their trust and lack of awareness about online security measures.

One victim lost Rs. 45,000 after receiving a fake credit message and unknowingly transferring money to fraudsters. Another victim, seeking artificial grass, was defrauded of Rs. 35,000 by fraudulent online dealers.

Similarly, a karyana shop owner was tricked into sending Rs. 25,000 after receiving a fake payment confirmation for items ordered. Additionally, another victim was duped into making transactions totaling Rs. 10,000 before realizing the fraud.

The swift action and diligent efforts of the Cyber Cell DPO Jammu led to the freezing of Rs. 1,02,000 out of the total amount involved in these cases. However, investigations are ongoing to apprehend the perpetrators and recover the remaining amount. Dr. Vinod Kumar, SSP Jammu, emphasized the importance of public vigilance and urged citizens to report any suspicious activities promptly to the authorities.

He reiterated the significance of utilizing national helpline numbers and encouraged citizens to lodge cyber complaints online through designated platforms. Dr. Kumar underscored the necessity of awareness and collaboration in combating cyber threats effectively.

District Police Jammu, equipped with advanced technology and skilled personnel, remains committed to safeguarding citizens against cybercriminals and maintaining cybersecurity in the region.

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