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SMC’s Snowfall Assurance: Commissioner’s Reassurance

SMC Commissioner Ensures Full Preparedness for Snowfall Challenges

Srinagar, December 14 (WD) – Athar Amir Khan, Commissioner of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), affirmed on Thursday that the city is fully equipped to handle any snowfall situation, with both personnel and machinery on high alert to address any exigency.

In a statement to Greater Kashmir, Khan revealed that SMC has strategically divided Srinagar district into four zones, establishing Zonal Control Rooms (ZCRs) to streamline operations and minimize inconvenience to residents.

Khan emphasized the meticulous planning in place for snow clearance this winter, with a division of tasks and standby machinery. “A municipal-level control room, monitored by the Joint Commissioner at the SMC level, has been established in the city,” he explained.

Providing further insights, Khan detailed the four-zone division of Srinagar city, each equipped with its own zonal control room and in-charges. He highlighted the improved arrangements this year based on past experiences, citing the presence of 55 snow clearance machines, including specially designed snow cat vehicles to prevent road damage.

“Our deployment plan for both personnel and machinery is ready, operating in two shifts during exigencies,” Khan stated. He underscored the use of 2800 personnel, procured de-icing salt, and readied 85 permanent dewatering stations, along with 25 mobile units, to prevent blockages.

Addressing public cooperation, Khan urged citizens not to park their vehicles in lanes during snowfall. “It is a combined responsibility to avoid occupying lanes during snow, as it hinders our efforts to clear paths for pedestrians,” he appealed.

With proactive measures and a comprehensive strategy in place, SMC stands prepared to navigate the challenges posed by winter weather, ensuring the smooth functioning of the city’s essential services.

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