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J&K Schools to adopt Digital Attendance System

Jammu, Jan 20 (WD):

Jammu & Kashmir schools are ushering in a digital attendance system through the Vidya Samiksha Kendra (VSK) initiative. Secretary School Education, Piyush Singla, recently conducted a comprehensive review of the project’s progress, aligning it with the National Education Policy 2020.

VSK, inspired by the Prime Minister and implemented nationwide, incorporates big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for real-time monitoring. The initiative’s goal is to enhance accountability, streamline decision-making, and establish an efficient ecosystem within the Education Department.

The Command-and-Control Centre within VSK is slated to be operational by February 2024, marking a significant milestone in the modernization of Jammu and Kashmir’s education system. This center is expected to improve efficiency, communication, and data management, contributing to an enriched educational experience.

Secretary Singla emphasized the innovative nature of VSK, emphasizing its role in providing real-time monitoring of projects under the Samagra Shiksha program. The facility will aggregate data from all schools, students, and teachers, utilizing big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for meaningful insights.

Singla urged the implementing partner to ensure data deduplication and integrate various aspects, including student enrollment tracking, progress in learning levels, mainstreaming out-of-school children, textbook delivery, and teacher/school support into VSK.

The targeted timeline for the full operation of the Command-and-Control Centre is March 1, 2024. Digital attendance recording and a digital admission process are set to commence with the new academic session. Secretary Singla highlighted the positive impact of the center on efficiency, communication, and data management, contributing to an improved educational experience.

Project Director of Samagra Shiksha, Deep Raj, shared insights into VSK, describing it as a data repository powered by Swift Chat AI. The temporary establishment in the JK BOSE building at Rehari Colony is planned, heralding a transformative project for Jammu and Kashmir’s education system. Raj highlighted the creation of AI chatbots for students, teachers, and parents, set to go live in the coming days, enhancing overall learning outcomes.

A meeting attended by key stakeholders, including Special Secretary Anu Behl and Joint Director Planning Parshotam Kumar, marked a pivotal step toward modernizing and streamlining education in Jammu and Kashmir.

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