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Journey from Gaddha Gari to Hong Kong

This is the story of Shoaib Muhammad, son of Muhammad Baksh, a very poor and hardworking boy from Dera Ghazi Khan. He belongs to an extremely impoverished area and a poor family. Despite facing all these difficulties, he remained focused on his education.

He obtained education from primary to BS level from the Dera Ghazi Khan Board, and then pursued MS from MS Meeth, Islamabad.

Due to financial difficulties, he worked hard in the fields alongside his studies and tried his best to financially support his family.

One of his important qualities is that he did not let poverty and adversity become obstacles in the way of education. After completing his MS, he gathered the courage to pursue a PhD, and he did so with such determination that he decided to do it from a foreign country, relying on his hard work and complete trust in God that he could do it.

Then, from 2021, he started applying for study visas for scholarships in foreign countries. And finally, three years later, in 2024, he gets a research work job at the best university in Hong Kong, along with a scholarship to pursue his PhD.

So, when a person works hard, God does not waste anyone’s hard work. We can all do it.

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