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Weather Forecast: Light Rain and Snow Expected on J&K After

The Meteorological Department has issued a forecast for Jammu and Kashmir, indicating a shift in weather patterns starting April 10. According to the weatherman, dry conditions are expected until April 9. However, come April 10 evening, the region may experience light rain and snow in many areas.

From April 11 to 12, partly to generally cloudy weather is anticipated, with light rain or snow in higher reaches at a few places. Subsequently, between April 13 and 15, generally cloudy skies are predicted, accompanied by light to moderate rain or snow in many areas. Thunder, lightning, hailstorms, and gusty winds may also occur at a few places during this period.

As for temperatures, Srinagar recorded a minimum of 5.8°C, with other regions experiencing varying degrees of cold. In Gulmarg, temperatures dropped to 0.0°C, highlighting the persistent chill in higher altitudes. Conversely, Jammu saw a relatively warmer minimum temperature of 17.0°C.

From April 16 to 17, the weather is expected to remain partly to generally cloudy, with light rain or snow possible in higher reaches at a few places. These fluctuations in weather patterns suggest a transitional period for Jammu and Kashmir, with residents advised to stay updated on the forecast and take necessary precautions.

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