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Weather update, Rain Snow expected in J&K From, Check Here

March 9 (WD) The Jammu & Kashmir Meteorological Department has issued a detailed forecast for the region’s weather in the upcoming days, advising residents to stay informed due to expected significant changes. Immediate conditions appear stable until March 10th, with a potential for light rain or snowfall on the horizon.

However, from March 11th to 12th, isolated areas may experience light precipitation, expanding to widespread regions with light to moderate precipitation by March 13th. March 14th might also see light rain or snow in select spots, while March 15th to 18th is anticipated to be generally dry.

Authorities are actively disseminating advisories, especially targeting residents in hilly areas, stressing the importance of avoiding avalanche-prone or sloped regions and adhering to avalanche warnings. Additionally, farmers are encouraged to resume agricultural activities, considering the expected weather fluctuations, to optimize agricultural practices and mitigate potential risks.

It is crucial for residents and stakeholders to remain vigilant and stay updated on weather forecasts and advisories provided by the Meteorological Department and other relevant authorities.

Wattan Daily will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide further updates as needed, ensuring everyone stays informed as the region navigates through these varied weather patterns in the days ahead.

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