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Snowfall in Kashmir at this place, tourists joyful

Kupwara, Jan 21 (WD):

Snow enthusiasts seeking solace from Kashmir’s dry winter have discovered a new gem in Bungus Valley. Despite the ongoing dry spell affecting popular destinations like Gulmarg and Pahalgam, the vast meadows of Bungus Valley in North Kashmir’s Kupwara District are now draped in a pristine blanket of snow. Social media is buzzing with awe-inspiring videos showcasing the winter wonderland that Bungus Valley has become, captivating tourists and offering a unique alternative.

Under the “Development of Bangus Eco-tourism” project, the forest department has played a pivotal role in enhancing the tourist experience. Various development works, including log huts, toilet facilities, and resting areas, have been undertaken. Additionally, pony shelters, camping sites, and a trekking route from Bangus to Lashar have been established, enriching the adventure possibilities for visitors.

Efforts for sustainable development continue with the forest department constructing additional log huts, enhancing camping sites, and installing benches throughout the valley. The aim is not only to cater to immediate tourist influx but also to establish Bungus Valley as a long-term and eco-conscious destination.

In a commendable initiative, the forest department has involved the local community in promoting and preserving the natural beauty of the region. Training programs for horse owners in Gulmarg have been organized, and departmental horses have been provided to village forest committee members for use in Bungus Valley. This collaborative effort ensures that the benefits of tourism are shared with and sustainable for the local community.

Accommodations at Reshwari, Kashtiwar, and TeePee at the base of Bangus Valley have been completed, providing more options for tourists and contributing to a holistic experience. These developments allow visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility and charm of Bungus Valley, making it an increasingly sought-after destination for those seeking a unique winter retreat.

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