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Man Loses ₹1 Crore In IPL Betting,Wife End’s Her Life In Sorrow

Tragedy struck a family in Bengaluru as 23-year-old Ranjitha, wife of engineer Darshan Babu, died by suicide in Karnataka’s Chitradurga on March 18. The distressing incident sheds light on the perils of gambling addiction, as Darshan had been deeply involved in betting on Indian Premier League (IPL) matches since 2021. His penchant for risky bets left the couple entangled in a web of debt, totaling over ₹1 crore, leading to Ranjitha’s untimely demise.

Darshan, employed as an assistant engineer in the Minor Irrigation Department at Hosadurga, fell prey to the allure of IPL betting, which proved detrimental to their financial stability. Despite initially borrowing over ₹1.5 crore to fuel his gambling habits, Darshan managed to repay ₹1 crore, leaving behind a staggering debt of ₹84 lakh. Ranjitha’s family asserts that she was aware of Darshan’s involvement in betting since 2021, which added immense strain to their marriage and livelihood.

According to Ranjitha’s father, Venkatesh, his daughter endured relentless harassment from creditors due to Darshan’s mounting debts, ultimately driving her to take her own life. In his complaint, Venkatesh named 13 individuals who had allegedly lent money to Darshan, exacerbating their financial woes. He revealed that Darshan was coerced into betting by promising him easy wealth, with the suspects offering financial backing against blank cheques as security.

The discovery of a suicide note during the police investigation further elucidated the anguish endured by the couple, as Ranjitha detailed the incessant harassment they faced from moneylenders. The tragic incident leaves behind a two-year-old son orphaned, adding to the devastation wrought by Darshan’s gambling addiction and the subsequent financial crisis.

The case underscores the urgent need for awareness and intervention regarding the dangers of gambling addiction, particularly within vulnerable communities. It serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating impact such behaviors can have on individuals, families, and communities at large.

Authorities are urged to take decisive action to address the proliferation of illegal gambling activities and provide support to those grappling with addiction to prevent further tragedies like Ranjitha’s untimely demise.

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