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FFRC,Warns Private School’s  of Action for Charging School Fees Retrospectively

The Committee for Fixation & Regulation of Fee of Private Schools, Jammu and Kashmir (FFRC), has issued a stern warning To Private educational institutions found charging school fees retrospectively. This warning comes in response to numerous complaints received by the committee regarding this practice.

According to reports, some private educational institutions have been observed charging school fees on a retrospective basis, even for periods when students were not enrolled or did not avail any services from the school. This has raised concerns among parents and stakeholders.

In an official order obtained by GNS, the JKFFRC has directed all private schools to refrain from charging fees retrospectively for periods when students were not officially enrolled. The order emphasizes that fees should only be charged from the date a student is admitted to the school.

The committee has warned that any violation of this directive will result in strict action in accordance with the law. Consequences may include recommending to the government the de-recognition or dis-affiliation of the erring schools.

This move by the FFRC underscores its commitment to ensuring fairness and transparency in the fee structure of private educational institutions. It aims to protect the rights of students and parents, particularly amidst the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision is likely to be welcomed by parents who have been facing financial difficulties and uncertainty due to the pandemic. It provides them with assurance that they will not be burdened with unjust retrospective charges by private schools.

Overall, the FFRC’s proactive stance on this issue sends a strong message to private educational institutions, emphasizing the importance of adhering to ethical practices and regulations in the interest of students and their families.

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