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JKSSB Patwari Post, Urdu Paper 1 Mandatory

Notice Issued for Patwari Examination Conduct: In reference to Notification No: JKSSB-COEOEXAM/10/2022-04 (7055504) released on 02.01.2024, an important announcement has been made concerning the upcoming Patwari examination. Scheduled to be held on 31.03.2024, this notice affects all candidates slated to participate in the examination for Patwari Posts as advertised under Notification No: 02 of 2021.

Split Examinations for Patwari Posts: The examination board has outlined a bifurcated examination process. The Written Descriptive Examination for the Urdu Qualifying paper (Part I) will take place exclusively on 31.03.2024. This segment of the assessment serves as the preliminary stage for candidates vying for the coveted Patwari positions.

Sequential Assessment Plan: While Part I of the examination will focus on the Urdu Qualifying paper, it’s imperative for candidates to note that the OMR based written examination for Part II will be conducted subsequently. The specific dates for the Part II examination will be communicated separately by the board, ensuring candidates remain informed about the entire examination process.

Qualification Prerequisite: A critical point emphasized in the notice is that only candidates who successfully clear the Urdu Paper examination will qualify to proceed to Part II, which entails the OMR based assessment. This delineation underscores the significance of the Urdu Qualifying paper as a foundational aspect of the examination process for Patwari aspirants.

Preparation and Compliance: With the examination date approaching, candidates are urged to intensify their preparations, particularly focusing on the Urdu Qualifying paper. Additionally, adherence to all guidelines and instructions provided by the examination board is essential to ensure a smooth and fair examination process for all participants.

Future Communication: As the examination date nears, candidates are advised to remain vigilant for any further updates or notifications from the examination board regarding the Patwari examination process. Clear communication channels between the board and candidates are vital to maintaining transparency and facilitating a seamless examination experience.

Conclusion: In light of the forthcoming Patwari examination, candidates are reminded to prioritize their preparations, especially for the Urdu Qualifying paper scheduled for 31.03.2024. This notice serves as a directive from the examination board, outlining the sequential assessment plan and emphasizing the importance of qualification in the Urdu paper for progression in the examination process.

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