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Woman Injured in Mortar Shell Blast Dies in Hospital

A tragic incident has unfolded in Samba district, Jammu, as a 76-year-old woman, Semroo Devi, succumbed to injuries sustained in a mortar shell blast. The explosion, which occurred on May 27, also injured two other individuals, Rameet Singh, 66, and Suriya Bibi, 58. The aged mortar shell unexpectedly detonated in the Khada Madana village within the Purmandal area, catching the victims off guard and causing severe injuries.

Semroo Devi was critically injured in the blast, suffering severe head trauma. Despite the best efforts of the medical team at Government Medical College in Jammu, she passed away in the early hours of Wednesday. Her death marks a poignant and sorrowful turn in an already devastating event for the community.

The incident has drawn attention to the persistent danger posed by unexploded ordnance in areas with historical military activity. Rusted and aged munitions, such as the mortar shell involved in this blast, remain hazardous long after conflicts have ceased. This tragedy underscores the need for continued vigilance and clearance efforts to prevent similar occurrences.

Rameet Singh and Suriya Bibi, the other victims of the blast, are currently reported to be in stable condition. They are receiving treatment for their injuries and are under close medical supervision. Their survival offers a small solace amidst the grief of losing Semroo Devi, but the community remains on edge and distressed.

The authorities have completed all necessary legal and medical formalities regarding Semroo Devi’s death, and her body has been handed over to her family for final rites. This process, though routine, brings a sense of closure to her relatives, who are now left to mourn her untimely death.

The local administration and security forces have likely initiated an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the explosion. Understanding how the mortar shell came to be in the village and the precise cause of its detonation are critical to preventing future incidents. This inquiry may also explore the broader issue of unexploded ordnance in the region.

Community members are rallying to support the affected families, providing emotional and practical assistance in the wake of the blast. The close-knit nature of rural areas like Khada Madana means that such tragedies impact everyone, creating a collective sense of loss and prompting communal efforts to aid those directly affected.

This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the latent dangers in regions with historical military engagements. It highlights the ongoing need for education, awareness, and proactive measures to manage and mitigate the risks associated with unexploded munitions. The loss of Semroo Devi will be felt deeply, and her memory will likely fuel further efforts to ensure the safety and security of her community.

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