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Van Seized for Overloading School Children in JK

A private van was seized in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar district after 19 school children were found traveling in it, officials said on Saturday. The incident took place during a vehicle checking drive on Dachhan Road in the hilly district, conducted by the Assistant Regional Transport Officer, Kishtwar Mohd Saleem.

The officials stated that the officer recommended the suspension of the driver’s license due to the “gross violation of traffic rules and regulations.” The seizure was part of a broader effort to enforce road safety and discipline in the region. The special drive was aimed at addressing common traffic violations and ensuring the safety of passengers, especially children.

The drive, which was conducted on Friday, saw 117 vehicles fined for various infractions, including overloading, overspeeding, and dangerous driving. The total amount of fines collected during this operation amounted to over Rs 4.67 lakh. This significant action underscores the authorities’ commitment to maintaining road safety.

Officials noted that the driver of the seized van was not only carrying more passengers than legally permitted but was also compromising the safety of school children. This prompted immediate action from the authorities to prevent potential accidents and ensure compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act.

In addition to the fines, show cause notices for the suspension of driving licenses were automatically generated following e-challans for overloaded passenger vehicles and two-wheeler drivers without helmets. This automated system aims to streamline the enforcement process and enhance the accountability of drivers.

The enforcement drive is part of a larger campaign to improve road safety standards in the district. By targeting specific violations like overloading and dangerous driving, the authorities hope to reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall traffic discipline.

Community members have expressed mixed reactions to the drive. While some appreciate the efforts to enhance road safety, others have raised concerns about the inconvenience caused by such stringent measures. Nonetheless, the authorities emphasize the importance of these actions in protecting lives and preventing traffic-related incidents.

The incident in Kishtwar highlights the ongoing challenges in enforcing traffic regulations in hilly and remote areas. Continued vigilance and periodic enforcement drives are essential to ensure that road safety standards are upheld, and that the rules of the road are respected by all drivers.

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