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Chargesheet filed against former constable in real estate fraud of Rs 1.80 crore in JK

The Jammu and Kashmir Police Crime Branch has filed a chargesheet against a former constable for his involvement in a real estate fraud case amounting to Rs 1.80 crore. The chargesheet, filed on Saturday, details how the ex-policeman allegedly deceived a woman by promising to sell her a plot of land in Jammu. The incident has drawn significant attention due to the high-profile nature of the accused, who previously served in the Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Crime Branch, Jammu, Benam Tosh, confirmed the development. He revealed that the case was initiated last year following a formal complaint lodged by the victim. The complaint outlined the sequence of events leading to the fraudulent transaction, prompting the authorities to take swift action.

The accused, Mohd Afzal Beg, had served as a constable in the Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police before transitioning into property dealing. He allegedly engaged in these activities while still in government service, a violation of regulations. Beg resigned from the 19th Battalion of the Indian Reserve Police in 2022, possibly to focus on his illegal real estate dealings.

According to SSP Tosh, the victim reported that she had entered into an agreement with Beg to purchase two kanals of land in Jammu’s Sidhra area for Rs 2.25 crore. The woman made an advance payment of Rs 1.80 crore, expecting the deal to proceed smoothly. However, she soon discovered that the land in question belonged to someone else, and Beg refused to refund her money.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Crime Branch conducted preliminary verification and subsequently registered an FIR. A thorough investigation was launched, uncovering substantial evidence of cheating, fraud, and forgery against Beg and his wife. The findings of the investigation led to the charges being formally filed against them.

Beg was apprehended from Srinagar following the investigation. His wife, who was also implicated in the case, was initially arrested but later granted bail. The details of their alleged involvement and the nature of the fraudulent activities were meticulously documented in the chargesheet presented to the court.

SSP Tosh emphasized the rigorous investigative process that led to the charges being proved. He highlighted the collaborative efforts of the Crime Branch in bringing the case to light and ensuring that justice is pursued. The chargesheet has now been filed in court, awaiting judicial determination.

The case serves as a stark reminder of the potential for abuse of power and trust by individuals in positions of authority. It underscores the importance of vigilance and thorough verification in property transactions to prevent such instances of fraud and deception. The judicial process will now take its course to determine the outcome of this high-stakes case.

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