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Two Pharmaceutical distributors suspended from operating in Kashmir

An inspection drive, spearheaded by Assistant Drug Controller Anantnag, targeted the implementation of CCTV surveillance and computerized billing systems in medical establishments across Bijbehara tehsil, resulting in the suspension of operations for two pharmaceutical distributors.

The inspection team, comprising Drug Control Officers, meticulously examined around 20 medical establishments in the vicinity of SDH Bijbehara. Their primary objective was to ascertain compliance with directives pertaining to the installation of CCTV cameras and adoption of computerized billing systems.

Overall, the inspection yielded positive outcomes, with the majority of chemists having successfully installed CCTV cameras and adopted computerized billing systems within their premises.

However, the operations of two wholesale firms, namely M/s Janisaar Enterprises Pharmaceutical Distributors Bijbehara and M/s New Iqbal Enterprises Pharmaceutical Distributors Bijbehara, faced temporary suspension due to non-compliance with the mandated computerized billing system and other unspecified violations.

In response to the inspection findings, stringent directives were issued to all medical establishments within the region. They were instructed to strictly adhere to guidelines concerning the implementation of computerized billing systems and issuance of computerized cash memos. Furthermore, retailers were advised to exclusively accept invoices generated through a computerized billing system from their distributors and suppliers.

Emphasizing the significance of these measures, the Assistant Drug Controller highlighted their role in ensuring transparency and accountability within the pharmaceutical sector. Additional actions are anticipated to be undertaken to ensure full compliance with the established guidelines, with a steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity in the distribution of pharmaceutical products across the region.

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