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NIA Court affixes notices at residences of 5 absconders in North Kashmir

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) Court in Bandipora, Jammu and Kashmir, has taken action against five absconders by issuing notices, according to police reports on Monday. These notices, issued under Section 82 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC), were affixed on the exteriors of the absconders’ residential properties.

The identified absconders include: Mohd Umar Mir, son of Gh Hassan, residing in Brathkalan Sopore; Hashir Rafiq Parray, son of Mohmad Rafiq Parray, originally from Patushai Bandipora but currently in Pakistan; Mohd Jameel Sheergojri from Naz Colony Bandipora; and Mohd Iqbal Khan, son of Mohd Hussain Khan, residing in Kandi Barjala Uri Baramulla.

The District Police Bandipora shared this information, emphasizing that the NIA court’s notices were visibly displayed on the outer surfaces of the absconders’ residences. This move suggests a concerted effort by law enforcement to track down individuals evading legal proceedings.

The affixing of notices at the homes of the absconders underscores the seriousness of the legal process and the determination of authorities to bring the accused to justice. Such actions serve as a public declaration of the court’s intent to pursue legal action against those evading the law.

The specific individuals named in the notices are suspected of involvement in cases under investigation by the NIA, highlighting the gravity of the charges against them. By publicly naming them and issuing notices, authorities seek to prompt their appearance before the court to face the allegations against them.

It is notable that one of the absconders, Hashir Rafiq Parray, is reportedly residing in Pakistan, indicating potential complexities in the legal process and extradition procedures involved in such cases. This aspect adds an international dimension to the legal proceedings.

The cooperation between local law enforcement agencies and the NIA underscores the collaborative efforts aimed at combating criminal activities and ensuring accountability within the region. The visible display of notices serves as a reminder of the state’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that individuals accused of wrongdoing are held accountable for their actions.

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