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Two Individuals Arrested for Offensive Behavior in Shikara on Dal Lake, Srinagar

Two individuals have been apprehended by Srinagar Police for engaging in offensive behavior on a shikara in Dal Lake, as reported by the News Agency Kashmir Scroll. The incident, which involved the individuals acting inappropriately while in an inebriated state, has caused a stir after a video of their actions went viral on social media platforms.

An official from the Srinagar Police provided details, confirming that the authorities have taken cognizance of the incident. The video, widely circulated online, shows the unidentified individuals behaving offensively, leading to public outrage and prompting a swift response from the police.

Following the circulation of the video, a formal case was registered. The case, identified as FIR no. 83/2024 under section 295A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), has been lodged at the Police Station Ram Munshibagh. This section deals with deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs.

The police have already arrested two of the accused individuals involved in the incident. However, the investigation is ongoing, and more suspects are currently being questioned to ascertain their involvement and gather further evidence regarding the incident.

The prompt action by the Srinagar Police reflects their commitment to maintaining law and order and addressing any activities that disturb public peace. Offensive behavior, especially in a public and revered place like Dal Lake, is taken seriously by the authorities to ensure such incidents do not recur.

Dal Lake, known for its serene beauty and cultural significance, attracts numerous tourists and locals alike. Incidents of offensive behavior not only tarnish the image of the region but also disturb the peaceful environment cherished by visitors. The police’s proactive approach aims to safeguard the dignity and sanctity of such locations.

Public reaction to the incident has been strong, with many expressing their disapproval of the actions shown in the video. The community expects strict measures to be taken against those responsible, reinforcing the importance of respectful behavior in public spaces.

As the investigation progresses, the authorities are expected to provide further updates on the case. The swift arrests and ongoing inquiries underscore the resolve of the Srinagar Police to uphold public decorum and take action against those who violate societal norms.

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