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Three Militant Associates Detained Under PSA in JK’s Poonch

Three men suspected of being overground workers (OGWs) for terrorists have been detained under the Public Safety Act (PSA) in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. The police deemed this action necessary to maintain public order, assessing that the individuals posed a significant threat to the state’s safety and security.

Poonch, along with the neighboring Rajouri district, has experienced several deadly terror attacks over the past two years. These incidents have resulted in numerous casualties among security personnel and civilians, highlighting the volatile security situation in the region.

Both Poonch and Rajouri districts fall within the Anantnag parliamentary constituency, which is set to hold elections in the sixth phase on May 25. The upcoming polls add an additional layer of urgency to maintaining security and public order.

The detainees have been identified as Iftar Ahmed, also known as “Kaka,” Khurshid Ahmed, and Ghulam Abass, all residents of Gursai village in Mendhar. A police spokesperson described them as notorious criminals who have engaged in various tactics to spread terror and fear within the peace-loving community.

According to the police, the continuous actions of these individuals posed a serious risk to public safety and tranquility. To prevent further activities detrimental to state security and public order, the Poonch district police, following a detention order from the district magistrate, took the necessary steps to detain the three OGWs.

The police spokesperson emphasized that the detentions were the result of meticulously planned operations. These efforts reflect the local police’s relentless commitment to combating terrorism and ensuring public safety in the region.

The detentions underscore the ongoing challenges faced by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in areas like Poonch and Rajouri, which have been hotspots for terrorist activities. The police continue to take proactive measures to prevent further violence and maintain stability.

As the region prepares for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to thwart any attempts to disrupt the democratic process and endanger the lives of citizens. Further updates on the situation are expected as investigations and security operations continue.

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