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Teacher Suspended for Criticizing Government Policies in JK

In a significant development, a Grade-II teacher in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district has been suspended for allegedly disseminating confidential information and criticizing government policies. The teacher, Fiaz Ahmed, brought attention to the deteriorating conditions of the Government Middle School Draman by sharing a video on social media, which quickly went viral this week.

The video, which Ahmed posted, highlighted the shabby accommodation, the lurking threat to the safety of minor students, and the insufficient staffing to manage the eight classes at the school. This video struck a chord with many viewers, prompting widespread discussion about the state of educational facilities in remote areas.

Chief Education Officer Prakash Lal Thappa confirmed Ahmed’s suspension. Thappa mentioned that the viral video was taken seriously by the education department, leading to immediate action. He noted that a detailed project report (DPR) for the school’s repair has already been requested from the Public Works Department to address the issues raised.

According to Thappa, Ahmed’s suspension was not solely due to the video. The teacher was also accused of allowing an unauthorized person to enter the school premises and disseminating what was deemed confidential information. These actions were viewed as breaches of protocol and policy, which compounded the severity of the situation.

Ahmed’s criticism extended to broader government policies, including ‘Digital India’ and various education policies, which he claimed were inadequate in addressing the ground realities faced by schools in remote areas. This aspect of his critique, combined with the video, was considered unacceptable by the authorities, leading to his suspension.

The education department has established a two-member committee to conduct a thorough inquiry into the incident. The committee will investigate Ahmed’s actions and the conditions at the school to provide a comprehensive report on the matter. Until the inquiry is completed, Ahmed will remain suspended from his duties.

The suspension has sparked debate among educators and the general public, with some supporting Ahmed’s candid revelation of the school’s conditions and others agreeing with the need to adhere to established protocols. This incident has highlighted the delicate balance between whistleblowing and maintaining professional standards within educational institutions.

As the inquiry progresses, many are watching closely to see how the situation will unfold and what measures will be taken to address the broader issues highlighted by Ahmed. The outcome could have significant implications for how similar cases are handled in the future and the extent to which educators can voice their concerns about the state of their schools.

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