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Police Books Three Drug Peddlers Under PIT NDPS  in North kashmir

Sopore Police has recently taken significant action against drug-related crime by booking three notorious drug smugglers under the PIT-NDPS Act. Additionally, an Over Ground Worker (OGW) linked to a militant outfit has been booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA). This decisive action follows a formal detention order from the competent authority, signaling a strong stance against drug trafficking and militancy.

According to an official statement reported by the Kashmir Scroll, the individuals booked under the PIT-NDPS Act are Barkat Ahmad Dar, son of Abdul Ahad Dar from Shair Colony Sopore; Umar Bashir Zargar, son of Bashir Ahmad Zargar from Behrampora Rafiabad; and Musaib Bashir Lone, son of Bashir Ahmad Lone from Wadoora Payeen Sopore. These individuals have been apprehended and are currently held at the Central Jail Kot-Balwal in Jammu.

The OGW, identified as Barkat Ahmad Dar, is alleged to be associated with the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militant outfit. His detention under the PSA reflects the authorities’ ongoing efforts to curb militant activities and maintain public safety. The action against him underscores the serious consequences for those involved in supporting militant operations.

The detained drug smugglers have a history of multiple cases registered against them. Despite previous arrests, they continued their involvement in the drug trade, supplying illegal substances to the youth in Sopore and surrounding areas. This persistent criminal activity has prompted the police to take stringent measures under the PIT-NDPS Act.

The general public in Sopore has expressed appreciation for the police’s proactive measures against drug smugglers. This support highlights the community’s concern over the drug menace and their approval of the police’s efforts to combat it. The local populace’s backing is crucial in sustaining the momentum against such criminal activities.

Sopore Police remains resolute in its commitment to enforcing the law and ensuring the safety and security of the community. By taking firm action against drug smugglers and militant operatives, the police aim to create a safer environment for the residents of Sopore and the broader district. The recent detentions are part of a broader strategy to tackle crime and maintain public order.

This decisive move by the Sopore Police sets a clear example that illegal activities, particularly those involving drugs and militancy, will not be tolerated. The authorities are determined to pursue and prosecute those involved in such activities to the fullest extent of the law.

In conclusion, the actions taken by Sopore Police are a significant step in addressing the dual challenges of drug trafficking and militancy in the region. With continued vigilance and community support, the authorities hope to bring about lasting change and enhanced security for the people of Sopore and beyond.

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