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Police Booked Lady Drug Smuggler Under PIT NDPS Act in

Acting tough against drug peddlers and to eradicate the menace of drugs from society, Police booked a notorious lady drug smuggler under the PIT NDPS Act in Baramulla. This action follows the acquisition of a formal detention order from the competent authority.

The notorious drug smuggler, Farhat Begum, also known as Fancy, wife of Rayees Ahmad Khan, and a resident of Trikanjan Boniyar, has been detained. She was booked under the PIT NDPS Act after the authorities obtained the necessary formal detention orders.

Farhat Begum has been involved in multiple cases related to drug smuggling and abuse. She has been promoting the drug trade by supplying drugs to the local youth in Trikanjan, Boniyar, Town Baramulla, and other areas within the district.

Despite her involvement in numerous FIRs, Farhat Begum did not cease her illegal activities. She continued to engage in the promotion of the drug trade, affecting the youth and contributing to the spread of drug abuse in the community.

Following her detention, Farhat Begum was lodged in Central Jail Srinagar. This move is part of the police’s broader efforts to combat drug-related crimes and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

The general public of Baramulla has expressed their appreciation for the police’s decisive action against drug peddlers. The community recognizes the importance of such measures in curbing the spread of drug abuse.

Police have been consistent in their efforts to address the drug menace, conducting operations to identify and detain those involved in the drug trade. Their actions are aimed at reassuring the public of their commitment to creating a drug-free society.

The continued vigilance and proactive steps by the police are vital in maintaining the safety and health of the community. The public’s support and cooperation are essential in these efforts to eliminate the drug threat from the society.

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