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PC Workers Being Arrested on OGW Charges: Sajad Lone

Sajad Lone, the President of J&K Peoples Conference (PC), recently expressed grave concerns regarding the arrests and harassment of his party workers, citing charges related to Over Ground Workers (OGWs) and other flimsy grounds. His statement, issued on May 12 in Srinagar, underscores the need for upholding fairness and impartiality in the electoral process. Lone called upon the Election Commission and administration to avoid selectively targeting political parties and their members.

In solidarity with Altaf Bukhari, the Chief of Apni Party, Lone criticized the arbitrary arrests of political workers, asserting that these actions are based on unsubstantiated pretexts. Notably, he highlighted the timing of such arrests, suggesting a connection to lists of alleged OGWs prepared during the National Conference (NC) government’s tenure, hinting at potential political motivations behind the crackdown on PC workers.

Lone urged the Election Commission and administration to ensure a level playing field for all political entities, stressing the importance of non-selective treatment. He specifically called for a closer examination of the history and context of lists used as evidence in police stations, emphasizing their purported origin during the NC’s rule.

Moreover, Lone accused the NC of exploiting victimhood narratives for political gain, arguing that Kashmiris have historically been the victims of their rule. By challenging the NC’s portrayal of victimhood, he sought to reclaim the narrative and highlight the sufferings endured under their governance.

The statement reflects broader tensions within the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, where allegations of bias and misuse of state machinery for political ends are rife. Lone’s plea for fairness and impartiality resonates with concerns about the integrity of the electoral process and the protection of political rights in the region.

Overall, the situation underscores the complex dynamics and competing narratives shaping politics in Jammu and Kashmir, with implications for the region’s stability and democratic processes. Lone’s call for accountability and fairness is a reminder of the challenges inherent in navigating the intersection of politics and governance in a deeply contested territory like Kashmir.

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