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Northern Railways Slashes Ticket Prices for Kashmir, Restores Pre-COVID Fares

In a significant development benefiting train commuters, Northern Railways has announced a reduction in ticket fares to pre-COVID levels in the Kashmir valley. According to officials, Second Class Ordinary Fares on passenger trains in Kashmir have been reinstated, providing a substantial relief to travelers.

Substantial Reduction in Fare Charges A top railway official confirmed that fare charges have been decreased by approximately 40-50%, effectively reverting to pre-pandemic rates. For instance, the ticket fare from Sadura station to Srinagar, which previously stood at Rs 35, has now been reduced to Rs 15, significantly easing the financial burden on passengers.

Efforts to Rectify System Errors Acknowledging system errors occurring at various locations, railway authorities have assured the implementation of rate reductions across all stations. This initiative aims to ensure uniformity in fare pricing and to rectify any discrepancies that may have arisen during the transition period.

Positive Impact on Commuters The decision to slash ticket prices is expected to have a positive impact on commuters, particularly those who rely on train services for their daily commute or travel within the Kashmir valley. The reduced fares will make train travel more affordable and accessible to a wider range of passengers.

Commitment to Passenger Welfare:Northern Railways’ move to restore pre-COVID fares underscores its commitment to passenger welfare and satisfaction. By revising ticket prices to pre-pandemic levels, the railway authorities aim to make travel more economical and convenient for residents and visitors alike, contributing to the overall improvement of transportation services in the region.

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