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Maxi Cab Drivers Overcharging Tourists To Face Legal Action: Div Com Kashmir

The Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, has taken strong action against taxi and maxi cab drivers accused of overcharging tourists, following complaints about this practice. Bidhuri emphasized the need for drivers to adhere strictly to the officially notified rates while also promoting a tourist-friendly demeanor to enhance the tourism experience, which sustains the livelihoods of many individuals.

During a meeting addressing this issue, the Div Com instructed authorities and the police to deregister vehicles whose drivers engage in unethical practices and impose penalties on them. Stressing the importance of hospitality, he highlighted that tourists are guests deserving of respectful and fair treatment.

Furthermore, Bidhuri directed relevant departments to take action against those who compel tourists to change vehicles during their journey, causing inconvenience. He reiterated that all vehicles have been granted access permission to Srinagar Airport, enabling them to transport tourists directly to their desired destinations.

To ensure transparency and awareness, the Tourism Department was instructed to publish the officially notified rates on their website and install signboards at strategic locations. The meeting, attended by various officials including Deputy Commissioners, Additional Deputy Commissioners, Chief Executive Officers of development authorities, Regional Transport Officer, and Senior Superintendents of Police, aimed to address the issue comprehensively.

The decision to penalize errant drivers reflects a commitment to uphold ethical standards and protect the interests of tourists. By taking a firm stance against overcharging and other malpractices, the authorities aim to enhance the overall tourism experience and maintain the region’s reputation as a welcoming destination.

Bidhuri’s directives underscore the importance of maintaining integrity and professionalism within the tourism industry. The coordinated efforts of different agencies and departments demonstrate a collective commitment to address concerns and uphold standards of service excellence.

Overall, the actions taken by the Div Com send a clear message that exploitative practices targeting tourists will not be tolerated, and measures will be implemented to safeguard their interests while promoting a positive and enjoyable experience for visitors to Kashmir.

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