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Militant involved in killing of two Punjab residents in Srinagar arrested: Police

Police Solve Attack Case in Srinagar, Arrest Militant.

Srinagar, Feb 13: The Jammu and Kashmir Police announced on Tuesday that they have cracked the case of the February 7 attack, resulting in the deaths of two residents from Punjab. The arrest of Adil Manzoor Langoo, a resident of Srinagar, was cited as a significant breakthrough in the investigation.

According to IGP Kashmir V K Bhirdi, diligent investigative work led to the apprehension of Adil Manzoor Langoo, who, acting on the instructions of a handler based in Pakistan, had agreed to carry out attacks in Srinagar. A specialized team, headed by an SP and formed by DIG Central Kashmir, played a pivotal role in solving the case.

The victims, identified as Punjab residents involved in woodwork, were targeted in the Shalla Kadal area of Shahed Gunj. “An FIR was promptly filed, and a Special Investigation Team (SIT) was deployed by the DIG Central Kashmir. Both field and technical analyses were conducted,” IGP Bhirdi explained.

ADGP Law and Order J&K, Vijay Kumar, emphasized the stern stance taken against local handlers residing in Pakistan. “We are seizing assets of these local handlers, who are orchestrating terror activities from abroad and recruiting locals,” he stated.

Regarding Adil Manzoor Langoo, ADGP Kumar disclosed his affiliation with the Zaldagar area of Srinagar and his adherence to the Ahlihadith sect. “He maintained contact with his Pakistani handler via social media, through whom he obtained a pistol in January,” added ADGP Kumar.

Acknowledging the persistent threat of terrorism in Kashmir, ADGP Kumar assured that law enforcement agencies are adopting a professional approach to address such incidents.

Responding to concerns about terrorist presence in Srinagar, he confirmed the activity of one local militant in the area.

ADGP J&K further revealed that there are approximately 25 active local terrorists in Kashmir, alongside 25 to 30 foreign militants. He urged parents and educators to closely monitor children, particularly those extensively engaged in social media usage.

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