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Meet Dental Surgeon Sameer Maqbool Who Heroically Drives Ambulance to Save Child’s Life

In a remarkable display of selflessness and quick thinking, Dr. Sameer Maqbool, a dental surgeon at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) Pohru, saved a child’s life by stepping into an unexpected role. When the regular ambulance driver at the health facility fell ill, Dr. Maqbool did not hesitate to take the wheel himself, ensuring the critically ill child received timely medical attention.

The incident, reported by the Wattan Daily, unfolded early Tuesday morning when a distressed family arrived at PHC Pohru seeking urgent care for their child. The child’s condition was rapidly deteriorating, necessitating immediate transfer to a specialized medical facility. However, an unexpected hurdle arose—the regular ambulance driver was unable to perform his duties due to sudden illness.

With no time to waste, Dr. Maqbool swiftly decided to drive the ambulance himself. Despite his primary role as a dental surgeon, he demonstrated exceptional courage and resourcefulness in the face of the emergency. “I was in my chamber when I heard cries in the corridor and upon confirmation, I came to know a child with a fall history and vomiting needed immediate referral,” Dr. Maqbool said.

He added that the regular driver was unwell and was on an IV line, so without wasting any time, he drove the ambulance to a nearby specialized hospital. Dr. Maqbool navigated through challenging traffic conditions, maintaining his composure and focus to ensure a safe and swift journey. Upon arrival, the pediatrician started the treatment, and with the timely intervention, the child was stabilized and received the necessary care.

Dr. Maqbool humbly remarked that any other doctor would have done the same, as the first priority is always to save lives. “In moments like these, every second counts. I did what any healthcare professional would do — prioritize the patient’s life above all else. I am just grateful that the child is now safe and recovering,” he said.

The Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) lauded Dr. Maqbool’s selfless act on its official Twitter handle, stating, “Dr. Sameer Maqbool, Dental Surgeon at PHC Pohru, went above and beyond the call of duty when a child needed urgent care. With the ambulance driver ill, he drove the ambulance himself to save a life.”

Dr. Mir Mushtaq of DHSK also praised Dr. Maqbool on social media, emphasizing his quick thinking and selflessness. In response, Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, Secretary of Health and Medical Education J&K, wrote, “Commendable job Dr. Sameer.”

The local community has hailed Dr. Maqbool’s extraordinary act of bravery and dedication. “Dr. Maqbool’s actions exemplify the true spirit of healthcare professionals who go beyond their call of duty to save lives. His heroism is an inspiration to us all,” said Ejaz Ahmad. While the act has sparked widespread appreciation, it has also raised questions about the system’s functioning, particularly the lack of backup for such critical roles.

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