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Masjid, several houses damaged in massive fire in Srinagar’s Eidgah

A devastating fire broke out in the Umer Colony area of Srinagar’s Eidgah on the morning of July 3, causing significant damage to a local masjid and several houses. The incident has left the community in shock and distress as they come to terms with the destruction.

According to an official from the Kashmir News Observer, the fire started in the early hours and quickly spread through the densely populated area. Residents alerted the authorities immediately, and fire tenders were dispatched to the scene.

Despite the prompt response, the fire had already caused considerable damage by the time the fire tenders arrived. The flames had engulfed a local masjid and several residential houses, leading to extensive losses for the affected families.

Firefighters are currently engaged in efforts to control and extinguish the fire. The operation has been challenging due to the intensity of the flames and the close proximity of the structures in the area. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, and further investigations will be conducted once the situation is under control.

The local community has rallied together to support those affected by the fire. Neighbors have been seen providing assistance and temporary shelter to displaced families, demonstrating the spirit of solidarity and resilience.

Authorities have assured the public that all possible measures are being taken to bring the fire under control and prevent further damage. Emergency services are on high alert, and additional resources have been deployed to aid in the firefighting efforts.

Local leaders and officials have visited the scene to assess the situation and coordinate relief efforts. They have expressed their condolences to the affected families and pledged support for their recovery and rehabilitation.

As the community awaits further details on the incident, there is a collective call for better fire safety measures and preparedness to prevent such tragedies in the future. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of densely populated areas to fire hazards.

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