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Man-eater leopard that killed 2 minor girls shot dead in Central Kashmir

In Budgam district of central Kashmir, a man-eater leopard responsible for the deaths of two minor girls within the past 20 days has been shot dead in the Harwan area. Wildlife officials, after intense efforts, successfully neutralized the leopard on Tuesday. The leopard had been a source of fear and concern for the local residents, following its attacks in the Khansahib and Samsan areas of the district.

The predator’s first victim was a minor girl in Khansahib, followed by another tragic incident involving a minor girl in Samsan. Additionally, it had also injured a minor boy in a separate attack near his residence. The series of attacks prompted the deputy commissioner of Budgam to issue shoot-at-sight orders against the leopard to ensure the safety of residents who had been living under constant fear.

The successful elimination of the man-eater leopard brings relief to the local community, which had been gripped by fear and anxiety due to the repeated attacks. Wildlife officials had been actively involved in tracking and neutralizing the predator, demonstrating their dedication to protecting both human lives and wildlife in the region.

Efforts to locate and eliminate the leopard intensified after the attacks, with authorities prioritizing the safety of residents. The incidents underscored the delicate balance between human settlements and wildlife habitats, highlighting the need for effective measures to mitigate conflicts and ensure coexistence.

The tragic loss of two innocent lives sparked public outcry and prompted swift action from authorities to address the threat posed by the man-eater leopard. The successful operation to eliminate the predator serves as a reminder of the challenges associated with managing human-wildlife interactions and the importance of proactive measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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