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Admin Asks All Gun licence Holders To Deposit weapon’s Till

In response to the announcement of the Lok Sabha election schedule, the district administration of Bandipora has issued directives urging civilians and personnel with valid arms licences to deposit their weapons and ammunition at respective police stations within seven days. This measure aims to ensure a secure electoral environment.

District Election Officer/District Magistrate Bandipora, Shakeel-ul-Reman (IAS), has mandated that all printing presses operating within the north Kashmir district clearly indicate the names and addresses of the printer and publisher on any election pamphlets or posters. This move enhances transparency and accountability in election-related communications.

In compliance with instructions from the Election Commission of India, there will be a complete prohibition on issuing new arms licences until the conclusion of the election process. This decision underscores the authorities’ commitment to maintaining peace and security during the electoral period.

Furthermore, printing presses within the Bandipora district are required to submit copies of election material and declarations from publishers to the district office within three days of printing. This step facilitates oversight and ensures adherence to electoral regulations.

The administration has cautioned printing press owners and operators against violating Section 127 A of the Representation of People’s Act, 1951, and the Election Commission of India’s directives. Non-compliance may result in severe consequences, including the possible revocation of printing press licences. These measures underscore the importance of upholding electoral integrity and promoting a fair and transparent democratic process.

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