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J&K Traffic Authorities Issue Comprehensive Guidelines for NH44

Traffic Advisory Issued for Jammu and Kashmir
The Traffic Police Headquarters in Jammu and Kashmir has issued a comprehensive advisory detailing the traffic situation on NH-44, as of April 4th to April 5th, 2024. Slow movement was reported due to the breakdown of heavy motor vehicles (HMVs) and poor road conditions at various points between Nashri and NAVYUG Tunnel. Notably, single-lane traffic was enforced at Dalwas, Mehad, Panthyal, Nachlana, Shalgarhi, and other locations.

Precautionary Measures for Travelers
Passengers and light motor vehicle (LMV) operators are urged to undertake journeys during daytime and avoid traveling at night due to the risk of shooting stones between Ramban and Banihal. Load carriers transporting perishable goods are advised to adhere to load recommendations and exercise caution on sections with single-lane traffic and road deterioration.

Safety Guidelines for HMV Operators
HMV operators are reminded to avoid overloading, ensure vehicle fitness, and carry sufficient fuel for the journey. Specific guidelines are provided for HMVs with 6 and 10 tires, limiting their route to Dhar road. Additionally, a traffic plan and advisory have been outlined for April 6th, 2024, with regulated timings for LMVs and cautionary measures for security forces convoys.

Traffic Management and Security Measures
To manage traffic congestion effectively, security forces are urged to adhere to traffic advisories and avoid contraflow movements. Tomorrow’s convoy movement from Srinagar to Jammu is contingent on the road status reported by the Traffic Control Unit (TCU) in Ramban. Moreover, updates are provided for alternate routes, including the SSG Road, Mughal Road, and Bhaderwah-Chamba road, which remain blocked due to snow accumulation.

Road Conditions and Advisory Services
Motorists are advised to stay informed about road conditions by contacting Traffic Control Units in Jammu, Srinagar, Ramban, Udhampur, Kishtwar, and Kargil before embarking on their journey. Despite efforts to manage traffic and provide timely advisories, travelers are urged to exercise caution and plan their routes accordingly.

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