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J&K Police Successfully Arrest Absconder After 19 Year’s in South Kashmir

In a significant breakthrough, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have successfully apprehended a long-standing absconder who had been evading arrest for the past 19 years. The individual, identified as Mohammad Yousuf Sofi, son of Gh Rasool Sofi and a resident of Panzgam, was wanted in connection with a case registered at the Awantipora Police Station in Jammu and Kashmir.

The arrest was made possible through the execution of a warrant under section 512 of the CrPC, which had been issued by the Hon’ble Court of Principal Session Judge Pulwama and was pending with the Awantipora Police Station.

According to a statement released by a police spokesperson, the arrest of Mohammad Yousuf Sofi was the culmination of relentless efforts by a special police team operating under the supervision of SDPO Awantipora Mumtaz Ali Bhatti (SP). The team, which included SHO Awantipora Inspector Zahoor Ahmed among others, displayed exceptional dedication and professionalism in tracking down the fugitive who had managed to evade capture for nearly two decades.

Following his apprehension, Mohammad Yousuf Sofi was promptly presented before the Hon’ble Court of Law to face the charges against him. The successful arrest of Sofi after such a prolonged period of evasion highlights the commitment of the Jammu and Kashmir Police to uphold the rule of law and ensure that justice is served. It also serves as a testament to the effectiveness of coordinated efforts between law enforcement agencies in addressing cases of long-standing criminal evasion.

The arrest sends a clear message that individuals attempting to evade justice will eventually be held accountable for their actions, regardless of the passage of time. It also underscores the importance of persistence and vigilance on the part of law enforcement authorities in pursuing fugitives and bringing them to justice. The Jammu and Kashmir Police have reiterated their commitment to maintaining law and order and upholding the principles of justice, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the community.

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