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J&K High Court Announces Summer Vacation

Srinagar, Jun 06 (WD): Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh High Court has announced a twenty-day summer vacation. The vacation period will be effective from June 10 and will culminate on June 29, inclusive of both days.

“The period commencing from 10th to 15th June, 2024 shall be a ‘No Work Period’ for the Hon’ble High Court,” reads an order, a copy of which lies with news agency Wattan daily This decision ensures that no official court work will be conducted during this timeframe.

Despite the general vacation, the High Court has made provisions to address urgent matters. Four judges have been named to handle these cases, two each in the Srinagar and Jammu wings of the court. This arrangement ensures that critical legal issues can still be addressed without significant delay.

At the Jammu Wing, Justice Rahul Bharti will be responsible for hearing urgent matters from June 17 to June 22, 2024. Following this period, Justice Mohd. Yousuf Wani will take over, presiding over the court from June 24 to June 29, 2024.

Similarly, in the Srinagar wing, Justice Moksha Khajuria Kazmi will oversee urgent matters from June 17 to June 22, 2024. Thereafter, Justice Wasim Sadiq Nargal will manage the court from June 24 to June 29, 2024.

These arrangements reflect the court’s commitment to ensuring that urgent legal issues are addressed even during the vacation period. The designated judges are tasked with maintaining the judicial process, ensuring that pressing cases receive the necessary attention.

This structured approach balances the need for a break with the responsibility of addressing urgent legal matters, demonstrating the High Court’s dedication to upholding justice without unnecessary delays.

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