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Jammu Srinagar National Highway Update

At 0830 hrs, traffic on NH-44, specifically the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway, is experiencing delays. The slow movement is attributed to several factors, including the restriction to a single lane and the poor surface conditions along stretches such as Dalwas, Cafeteria-Mehad, Panthyal, Gangroo, Nachlana, and Kishtwari Pther.

In light of these conditions, commuters are strongly advised to adhere to lane discipline to mitigate congestion, as overtaking exacerbates the already challenging traffic situation.

Additionally, motorists are urged to refrain from disregarding advisory and traffic plans. The clearance of yesterday’s backlog of traffic remains pending due to ongoing road issues at various points.

Therefore, it is essential for drivers to comply with the established traffic guidelines to prevent further exacerbation of the existing congestion and ensure smoother traffic flow.

Overall, heightened caution and cooperation from all road users are paramount to navigating the current traffic conditions on NH-44.

By adhering to lane discipline, respecting traffic advisories, and avoiding actions that contribute to congestion, commuters can contribute to safer and more efficient travel along the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.

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