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Jammu-Srinagar Highway Blocked: Travel Advisory Amidst Mudslide and Shooting Stones

The Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NHW-44) has been disrupted by a significant blockage caused by mudslides and shooting stones at Mehad and Kishtwari Pather. Coupled with continuous rainfall along the entire highway, the adverse weather conditions have made travel hazardous. Commuters are strongly advised to postpone any journeys on NH-44 until the weather clears up, and authorities can safely clear the road.

To stay updated on the evolving situation, travelers are urged to contact the Traffic Control Units (TCU) stationed along the highway. Helpline numbers have been provided for assistance:

Jammu: 0191-2459048, 0191-2740550, 9419147732, 103 ,Srinagar: 0194-2450022, 2485396, 18001807091, 103 ,Ramban: 9419993745, 1800-180-7043,Udhampur: 8491928625

    These contact numbers serve as vital resources for commuters seeking real-time updates and guidance amidst the road blockage and adverse weather conditions.

    The obstruction on NH-44 underscores the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure in hilly regions, particularly during inclement weather. Efforts to clear the debris and mitigate risks to travelers are underway, but the duration of the closure remains uncertain. Therefore, travelers are advised to exercise caution and patience while awaiting updates from authorities.

    Authorities emphasize the importance of prioritizing safety during such challenging circumstances. Travelers should heed the advisory to avoid NH-44 until it is deemed safe for passage. Alternative routes and transportation arrangements should be considered to minimize inconvenience and ensure the well-being of all commuters.

    As the situation unfolds, officials will continue to monitor and provide updates on the status of NH-44. It is imperative for travelers to stay informed through official channels and adhere to guidance from the Traffic Control Units until normalcy is restored on the highway.

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