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DSEK Cancelled Recognition of Private School in Central Kashmir

The School Education Department (DSEK) has revoked the recognition of a private school located in Budgam, citing non-cooperation and failure to implement directives from competent authorities. According to reports from Wattan daily(WD), the Director of School Education Kashmir issued an order based on the Chief Education Officer Budgam’s communication regarding the school’s non-compliance.

The enquiry committee, appointed by the CEO, faced delays and insufficient cooperation from the school management during its investigation on February 24, 2024. Documents provided by the school were deemed inadequate, lacking proper seals and signatures, hindering the committee’s ability to ascertain the factual position. Furthermore, the school allegedly neglected to involve the departmental representative in official school matters, a mandatory requirement under standing norms.

The Principal of BHSS Budgam, acting as the departmental representative, reported the school management’s disregard for suggestions and lack of cooperation. Both the CEO and the Principal recommended stringent action against the Foundation World School, Mamat, Budgam, for its consistent defiance of instructions from competent authorities.

The DSEK condemned the Foundation World School’s repeated disregard for directives, labeling its behavior as anarchic and rebellious. The department expressed serious concern over the school’s persistent delinquency, emphasizing the need for immediate action against the institution. Consequently, the recognition granted to the school has been withdrawn with immediate effect, as stated in the order issued by DSEK.

The decision to withdraw recognition underscores the seriousness with which the authorities view the school’s non-compliance. It sends a clear message about the importance of adhering to regulations and directives in the education sector. The revocation serves as a reminder to educational institutions of their obligation to cooperate with regulatory bodies and uphold standards of governance.

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