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Fee Fixation Committee Tightens Regulations on Private School Fees in JK

In Jammu and Kashmir, the Fee Fixation Committee is cracking down on private school fees to ensure transparency and prevent overcharging. Chairman Sunil Hali has reinforced regulations, restricting schools to only charging tuition, annual, and transport fees without prior committee approval. Admission fees are explicitly prohibited under these rules.

Hali underscores the importance of adhering to fixed fee structures set by the committee. Private schools must submit detailed reports every three years, covering expenses, revenue, staffing, salaries, facilities, and audit reports. Fee adjustments are evaluated based on these submissions.

Supreme Court-mandated development charges, ranging from 1 to 15 percent based on school infrastructure, add an additional layer to fee regulations. Hali acknowledges challenges posed by schools obtaining legal stays to avoid mandated fee reductions, but the committee remains committed to fairness.

Chairman Hali emphasizes the provision for parental grievances and encourages utilizing the FFRC complaint mechanism. Despite this, there’s been a surprising lack of complaints. Hali urges parents to form associations within schools to collectively address fee-related issues, promoting transparency and accountability.

Efforts to curb arbitrary fee practices aim to alleviate financial burdens on both schools and parents. By enforcing regulations and providing avenues for complaint, the committee strives to create a fairer educational landscape in the region.

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